Transforming the human educational journey

beyond the classroom.


We are known for providing these type of 


  • producing research translation videos, webinars, short announcements, snippets/demos presented mostly in sign language.
  • training and consultations on learning management systems for various organizations and institutions.
  • ensuring that goals are met by project planning, conducting analyses and evaluating media activities.
  • staying up-to-date with current information, developments in the field, and related activities.
  • experimenting with different lights/motions/angles to offer new perspectives yet still aligning within the guidelines and expectations set forth.


  • Filming  videos
  • Directing services
  • Editing services


  • Online curriculum development
  • Mapping out the creative process


  • Language Translation Process
  • Awareness Training and workshops on:
    • Integrating Online Learning
    • Digital Literacy 
    • Sign Language/Cultural Awareness
    • Accessibility

“The Giving Cypress understands the importance of video technology and social media in education and is willing to do the hard work to develop top-notch educational projects using these tools.” 

Dr. David Coco

Outreach Specialist, Educational Resource Center On Deafnes

“The Giving Cypress expertise in sign language editing is more than just experience- it’s an artistic sensibility.”

Dr. Joseph Murray

Vice-President, World Federation for the Deaf

“I appreciate TGC’s open level of communication and availability. The team is endlessly helpful, flexible, and always quick to respond. 

Dr. Laurene Simms

Founder, Deaf Women of Color and National ASL and English Childhood Education

“The Giving Cypress was recommended to us by a colleague when we asked for an expert to consult us on integrating LMS into a 100% mobile online degree program. She worked diligently and communicated with us very well.”

Michelle Canning

Big Tomorrow