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Take in the Forest...

Connect with Yourself...

Give Nature Some Love

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Summa Ithaca Retreat Flower
Meditating in Nature
Cypress at RedBud

Nature & Forest Bathing

Forest Therapy is a practice that involves shinrin-yoku, which is a Japanese word meaning "taking in the forest". This practice is open-ended; there is no prescription for what a person "should" experience, or what benefits they "should" receive. Instead, it is a practice of developing a deepening relationship of reciprocity, in which the forest and the practitioner find a way to work together that supports the wholeness and wellness of each being.

In Forest Therapy, there is a clearly defined sequence of guided events that provides structure to the experience, while embracing the many opportunities for creativity and serendipity offered by the forest and the individual inspiration of the guide.

Sensory Embodiment and Silence are tools to help us slow down and connect with ourselves and the Natural world surrounding us. It is through connecting with our senses that we can explore our relationship with our bodies and our environment. It is through silence, where we can better "hear" that inner voice, the wild child, that lives deep within us.


Together, we will embark on a journey that will help you come to your senses and re-connect with your inner, wild child. Book with us for an experience you will never forget!




There is no greater agony than

bearing an untold story inside you.

-Maya Angelou

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