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Funding For Certification & Training


Available Scholarships

Aspen Camp for the Deaf stipend

A generous donation has been made to support participants in the Association for Nature & Forest Therapy training program and the Aspen Camp for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. 

These 5 stipends, in the amount of $2,000 each, will go towards paying part of the guide training in lieu of volunteering at Aspen Camp's Families in Nature summer programs that are offered in July 2023.


We will have a virtual gathering on January 18th, 26th, and Feb 2nd to explain the funding process in detail. (See "Virtual Gathering" on bottom of this page)


The stipend eligibility criteria involves: 

  1. Offer Nature Therapy activities for one of the weekends of Aspen Camp’s “Families in Nature” program (committing to dates July 5- 18) and/or other Aspen camps/retreats/programs that focus on Deaf/HOH students and adults who are or were alone in the mainstream.

  2. Be a former solitaire and/or work closely with Deaf/HOH children who are “solitaires”, or only deaf students in their schools.

  3. Show a strong sense of commitment, teaching/ leadership skills, and/or good work ethics.

*Accepted ANFT Luna Moth applicants can apply now.

Once the ANFT trainees complete their work or practicum at Aspen Camp, the funds will be transferred to ANFT to cover partial cost of training.

Association of Nature and Forest Therapy

ANFT is seeking to support individuals who experience a financial barrier to attending our Forest Therapy Guide Training program AND who demonstrate a strong potential for bringing forest therapy to diverse communities. If you would like to apply for a partial scholarship, please FIRST submit an application, once you are accepted, you can then submit a scholarship application using the following link: ANFT Scholarship Application


*Awarded scholarship funds are only redeemable for the six-month training programs beginning after January 1, 2024 through December 31, 2024.  Funds do not hold any cash value and cannot be refunded or transferred. The deadline to apply for a partial scholarship is 4 weeks prior to the start date of the selected cohort. The maximum for the partial scholarship is US $500.00 off. (Tuition cost reduces to $2850.00) 

Payment Plan

Students may opt to select a payment plan for tuition if full payment cannot be made upfront. Payment plans are for $560 per month over six months, $3,360.00 USD total, with the first payment of $560 serving as a deposit that will confirm your enrollment and reserve your space in the course.

Only enrollment with full payment of the price of your course, or a $560 deposit will hold your spot in a training or immersion. Acceptance to trainings or immersions does not mean you are enrolled. Your space is not guaranteed until you register with a deposit or full payment no later than2 weeks prior to the start of the course. We enroll accepted students on a first come first serve basis. If you are paying by check,  your enrollment will be confirmed on the date we receive payment. If we receive your payment after a training has filled, we will either transfer your payment to the next available training in your time zone or refund you.

Have more questions? You can check out the FAQ here:


April 10- Aspen Camp stipend deadline.

April 24- ANFT Scholarship deadline. 

May 4- Deposit for ANFT Immersion Retreat at Aspen Camp due. 

June 8-21- Payment for Cohort Training due.

Letter of Support

Guide Letter of Support.png

Are you considering becoming a guide but need to show justification to your employer, college/university, or vocational rehabilitation counselor so they can help fund your training?

We have prepared a letter of support that shows how Nature/Forest Therapy guide training & certification can help enhance your current profession or become a future occupation/career.

Click on the PDF to download the letter and best of luck!

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