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Seek Your Wild, Natural World!

Summer and the Turtle Shuttle has been featured on Seek The World, an international Deaf news show. Watch Summer in true action whether it’s guiding people in the Forest, talking about their passion, and living the Bus Life!

It was a beautiful experience working on this production with the Deaf community, Seek The World, filmmakers Justin Perez and Rydrea Walker- along with the forests and the Ancestral & Indigenous land that we call the United States of America.

This production captures the essence of what I do traveling through the nation and introducing humans to shinrin yoku, an ancient practice of re-connecting with ourselves and the Earth through “forest bathing”.

Please follow this journey through @thegivingcypress and share this with your loved ones, we will head to the Pacific Northwest next week! You can check out our events :)

This is my best attempt to sign in International Sign Language to reach Seek The World’s audience (its been a while, please pardon any linguistic mistakes)

To watch the full version with captions/transcript, check this link:

Summer Crider, a certified Nature and Forest Therapy guide, lives the #buslife while traveling all over the USA connecting Deaf people and Nature through their deaf-owned business, The Giving Cypress.

[Video Description: Video opens with shots of Summer’s Turtle Shuttle bus leading out to a sandy cliffside with mountains beyond it. Summer stands at the edge of the cliff, signing. The shot then switches to Summer giving a tour of the Turtle Shuttle surrounded by a pine forest, complete with kitchen, office, and bedroom short clips of Summer guiding participants through the forest and signing to them. Summer begins the interview standing in front of some leafy trees wearing a brimmed hat and glasses. The video editing style is sped-up. The interview is interspersed with clips of Summer walking through the forest, at one point encountering a dragonfly, drone shots of participants deep in the woods, and sharing in a circle. There are three two short participant comments followed by more clips of participants exploring as the sun sets. Summer continues the interview while standing barefoot in shallow creekwater and after a few more up-close shots of spiders, plants, and other forest beings, Summer keeps signing while sitting on a creekside log. The video pans out to a wide, distant drone shot of the forest bathing site: a gap in the heavily-forested woods at the water’s edge. Next, the video cuts back to Summer in the shuttle, and then includes clips of Summer in their old tiny home going about everyday tasks, and sharing details of their old full-length skoolie. Finally, the video cuts back to Summer in the shuttle, signing and then relaxing in a hammock by the shuttle’s open door.]

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