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#Silent Spot Challenge

Updated: Nov 3, 2021

As Spring comes and Winter fades away, things start to get busy and our minds become full with “mind noise”. Looking for tools to achieve inner peace and tranquility from being out in nature? Join us for our community #SilentSpotChallenge beginning March 1st thru March 15th!

I will be doing my Silent Sit Spot Challenge starting March 1st. “Sitting In Silence” is the theme.

Taking time to pause and be quiet is essential for our mental health and we will discover the perks of doing this activity.

WHEN: At least 20 Min a day, longer is better.

WHERE: Find a quiet place outside where you are not distracted or interrupted by other humans. They can join you but they’ll have to participate in silence.

HOW: Every day for 15 days, I will post on Instagram of my Silent Sit Spot and share tips on how to achieve inner peace and tranquility from being out in nature. You are welcome to join!

[Video description: Summer, a white Deaf human being with dark blonde hair and sunglasses propped up on her head, is seated on a log. Summer is facing front forward towards the camera in front of a nature background, visible are trees, grasses, and a trail.]

Tag @thegivingcypress if you’re joining us!

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