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Release Forms


Please review and sign

You are responsible for your own well-being and safety on this walk.

  1. I acknowledge that outdoor activities in natural areas entail known and unanticipated risks that could result in injury. 

  2. I agree and promise to accept responsibility for my own safety and well-being during this activity. I understand that I may at any time opt to not participate in any part of the activity should I feel that it is not safe, or simply that I do not want to participate for any reason. 

  3. I voluntarily release and hold harmless The Giving Cypress, LLC, land/property owners, and the Association of Nature and Forest Therapy Guides and Programs (ANFT) and the individuals who are acting as guides on this walk from any and all claims of liability which are in any way connected with my participation in this activity.

  4. If I have a medical condition or health concern that I think the guides should be aware of, I will verbally inform them at the beginning of the walk.

  • Yes, I agree to the above conditions.

  • No, I do not agree with the above conditions.

Photography/ Video Release

Please review and sign

With your permission, The Giving Cypress, LLC  may take photographs/videos of you and your group on this walk. We would like your permission to use these photographs/videos in promotional materials which may include social media, website, printed flyers and books, and videos. We are sometimes asked by news reporting agencies and publications to provide photos for articles they are writing about nature connection topics. We do this at no charge. We promise to carefully select photographs that show you in a way that we are confident you will like.  If you are not comfortable with having photos/videos that include you taken and possibly used in these ways, we prefer that you mark “No” in the box below; we want for you to have a relaxed and stress-free experience on your walk.

  • Yes, you may take photographs of me and use them as described above.

  • No, I prefer not to be photographed.

Consent to share

(For sessions that involve expressive arts, eco-art, and any creative therapeutic works)

Artwork: I understand that the use of my artwork (and/or photographic reproductions) created before, after, or during the session may be shown. Any comments about my artwork may be discussed in the EcoArt workshop and Nature Therapy session. I agree to allow background information and the art products to be disclosed only after all identifying information is removed. Confidentiality of all artwork will be protected during use for educational purposes and artwork will be returned following use.

  • Yes, you may take photographs of me, my artwork, and/or creations and use them as described above.

  • No, I prefer not to have myself, my artwork or creations be photographed.

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