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Forest & Nature Therapy on the

Cypress Skoolie

I’m now building my business to be mobile so I can go connect with nature in different places and bring humans along with me to guide them into connection with nature as well. I can use this space to debrief one-on-one or in group sharing circles, or even to craft a customized experience tailored to your needs since everyone’s relationship with nature is different. I have set up this space intentionally to help connect you with nature. Welcome to my home and office!



Using Forest and Nature Therapy, we teach you the skills and benefits of being present, focusing your energy, slowing down your mind, bringing clarity to your thoughts, and experiencing a deeper connection with yourself and Nature.

Carbon Neutrality

It’s important to acknowledge that when I work or travel on my Skoolie, I am contributing to global pollution. Once I realized that was the case, I wanted to figure out a way to reduce my environmental impact while still helping humans connect to nature.


I decided to connect with a program that helps calculate my carbon emissions and offset my contribution to pollution by planting trees and protecting land from deforestation, thereby reducing different kinds of pollution and damage to the earth.


I have calculated a specific amount to contribute to offset my carbon emissions from every therapy session or trip on my Skoolie as my ongoing human responsibility to the Earth.


I will be setting up a "Plant A Tree With Me" program. Stay tuned!


Tropical Leaves


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Soon, we will be hosting guests who want to stay with us through Airbnb and soon on HipCamp. Check out these unique "Away From Home" stays and the experiences we offer.