The Story of 
The Giving Cypress

Origin and Evolution

Since 2014, The Giving Cypress, LLC has been creating unique and enriching visual educational platforms and films for the sign language community. What started out as a personal journey has grown into a transformative forest bathing and nature therapy guiding. 

Read further and learn how Summer has arrived to this part of life's journey... 


Who is Summer?

Summer Crider has come back to her roots in wildlife conservation and advocating for the Human-Nature connection.


Born and raised in the cypress swamp of North Florida, Summer has navigated through various life experiences and identities. Living in the city, traveling abroad, learning languages and cultures (Master’s degree in Cultural Studies), establishing a successful business, and facing some life challenges with mental health, Summer has found her calling back home- to Mother Nature.


In 2020, Summer has completed training in Forest and NatureTherapy guiding through Association for Nature and Forest Therapists and is currently offering heart-centric guiding, using the tools of silence and sensory embodiment. She believes and has seen from through her own life experiences that we all can heal ourselves through nature-connection and believes you can too.

©2020 by The Giving Cypress, in loving partnership with Nature.

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