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"Touching and exploring things in the water with Summer- I learned how to overcome my fear and allowed myself to open up to more experiences..."

Kelly Monahan, DeafBlind Participant

"We rush all the time and because of that, our overall health declines. Forest Bathing experience helps us understand the importance of self-care and caring for Nature as well. You'll walk out of the forest feeling you need to do this more often"

Mauricio Orozco, High School Biology Teacher and Assistant Coach

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"Being in Nature, I don't have to worry about time or rushing to accomplish a mission. I'm reminded to follow my own pace, and because I allowed myself to slow down, I got to actually live the experience."

Meredith Burke, Professor & Advocate for the DeafDisabled


"The experience of Forest Bathing helped me re-discover my inner child and the feeling of nature high afterwards is just simply amazing."

Michael Stultz / Nature Photographer & Educator

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"It’s rare to find therapy approaches, beyond the conventional sit-down-and-talk approach, that allow you to express yourself freely. Summer is an excellent guide, fluent in American Sign Language and understands accessibility. She provides the tools to help you connect with yourself out in Nature which aids in the healing process."

Noel King, Deaf Art Therapist


"Summer gives a delightful introduction to the healing power of nature & forests that supports wellness in stress-filled society."

Michael Adams / Biologist & Founder of Saturiwa, Forest Conservation Area

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"My in-person Forest Bathing happened during a magical morning at Saturiwa Forest Conservation Area. I was guided by Summer's beautiful, "all-giving" spirit and with the land/water connection, it was an amazing experience."

-Susan Gildemeister, Project Manager, ATC Group Services LLC

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