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Our Skoolie

For Sale

We definitely had a great adventure with this awesome Skoolie bus and have decided it's time for a different adventure. We want to expand our guiding business, while we are still enjoying the nomad life on our other bus, we are selling the big bus so we can move on to bigger dreams.

If you are interested in seeing the bus, renting it out for your event (if it's still available), we are open to showing it in Austin, TX until the end of May 2024. If you have seen the Skoolie for Sale page and want to buy, please fill out this form:

Experience Bus Life

The Cypress Skoolie and the Turtle Shuttle are currently located in Austin Texas, 20 minutes from McKinney Falls State Park and 15 minutes from downtown Austin.

We are offering a wellness package where you get to stay the weekend on the bus, experience soothing massages/acupuncture, and a Forest Bathing session with a tea ceremony. 

Interested in a special custom package? Please fill out this Form and we will get in touch with you.

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Check out these unique "Away From Home" stays and the experiences we offer.

What We Offer

Tropical Leaves

Home Stays & Retreats

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Even though we are currently in Austin, TX, my Nature/Forest Therapy business is mobile so I can go connect with nature at local state parks, forests, and gardens and bring you along with me to guide you into connection with nature. We can use this space to debrief one-on-one or in group sharing circles, or even to craft a customized experience tailored to your needs since everyone’s relationship with nature is different. I have set up this space intentionally to help connect you with nature.

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