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Encounters with Manatees

Ever since I was small, I could remember loving animals and caring for their well-being. My parents had a huge role of teaching folks about the impact of our human doings towards endangered Florida species and ecosystems. The Florida Manatee is one of them. I’ve felt the spirit of the Manatee call to me often - in my dreams, in my art, and in my recent conversations. I decided to look up their symbolism and ah, such great messages.

I will share a few:

Manatees' mantra is “Just Breathe” as Manatees have huge lungs and breathe 90% more.

Manatees are slow to move, and remain slow in its movements because the creature has no enemies (except for us, humans).

Now, another reason on why I am sharing this post is to remind us of our responsibility to be aware of our destruction of their habits and they’ve been hurt by our boat propellers and human predators. (For example, a few months ago, a man scraped “TRUMP” on a Manatee’s back).

We need to educate ourselves and our future generations of these vulnerable species and make sure these manatees remain protected and unharmed. My captured encounters of Manatees confirmed that there are chances you’ll see cuts on the Manatees back created by our rushing.

So, don’t rush… take a deep breath and slow down!

[Video description: Close up capture of a herd of Manatees underwater. Summer appears in the video, narrating with excitement about the surprise encounter of manatees. There are several captures of manatees from different angles under water.]

How To Help @savethemanattee:

Themes: Signify slowing down, peace, maternal instincts, Shape-shifting.

One of the key messages of the Manatee Spirit Animal is, slow down. You are going way too fast and missing essential details. Rushing can also lead to unintended mistakes that could prove very detrimental to your current situation. So, “just breathe” and stand strong. Walk, don’t run, toward your goal. More information about spiritual animals, see these links:


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