Forest Immersion Training & Retreat

Deaf people face unique challenges with getting full access to communication in their native language, and thus, have fewer opportunities to get the full benefit of Nature and Forest Therapy. 

At ANFT, (which stands for Association of Nature and Forest Therapy) we believe that the practice of Nature and Forest Therapy is for everyone, and inclusion is essential. 


We are excited to announce that with the support of ANFT, we are offering a special cohort of 12 to 15 Deaf and Hard of Hearing participants, provided in American Sign Language, by an experienced ANFT trainer, in collaboration with a certified Deaf Nature and Forest Therapy guide. Interpreters will be provided to facilitate communication in this cohort. 


This cohort will begin with an in-person 4-day Immersion (very likely in October in Prescott Arizona where ANFT's headquarters are located) and end with an online core guide training for 6 months. This cohort will explore ways to provide full access to communication and resources for healing on different levels, with human participants, other guides, and the More Than Human World. 


It is the goal that certified Deaf guides can return to their communities and share the gift with both signing and non-signing people.


This exciting opportunity will also include some innovative ways of incorporating the Deaf perspective into the traditional training programs, such as exploring the meaning of silence, language, embodiment, and acceptance of the diverse ways to be human in the Forest. 


I hope you are interested in helping us pave a new perspective in the way we guide with the Forests to connect humans the More Than Human World to help heal this world.

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About the Organization

The Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT) Guides and Programs is the most experienced global leader in Forest Therapy Guide Training, and promoting the development and practice of Forest Therapy. Our Forest Therapy Guide Training draws on the latest medical research, new developments in the field of nature connection, and ancient traditions.

Our heart-based "Relational Forest Therapy" approach focuses on rebuilding relationships with the More-Than-Human World as a foundation for healing people and planet.

We are a mission-driven Limited Liability Company founded in 2012 as a response to global warming and other environmental catastrophes. Our mission: nurture heart-centered relationships between all peoples and the more-than-human world of nature. Our strategy: We train guides, teaching the pedagogy and methods of The Way of the Guide, and how to apply these in the context of Forest and Nature Therapy.

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