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Let Us Wander to You!

The Giving Cypress is embarking on a year-long tour across the Nation to raise awareness about the Human and Nature Connection in the Deaf/Hard of Hearing/ and Disabled community. Connect with us and join this movement!

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About The Tour

The Giving Cypress is currently on a year-long cross-country trip in a bus conversion, the "Forest Turtle Shuttle", to raise awareness about the Human and Nature Connection in the Deaf/Hard of Hearing/ and Disabled community. They are hosting several Nature and Forest Therapy guided sessions (community walks, presentations/workshops, and camps/retreats) in different cities across the Nation.

We work closely with the forests, and the community in the hopes to introduce different approaches to mental health and healing the earth, collectively. 

Summer is currently the only Nature and Forest Therapy guide, trained and certified by ANFT, who is Deaf. They hope to change that by opening the doors for more opportunities for people with disabilities to become certified.

With the support of Association of Nature and Forest Therapy (ANFT), Summer hopes to find 12-15 Deaf/HOH participants to join them for a special ASL/Deaf co-hort trained by ANFT in 2023.

Route Map


Oh the Places We'll Go!

This is a tentative plan of all the places that we plan to travel in 2022. Some dates are set in stone, while others are up in the air! We are embracing the flexibility to travel and taking time to pause, smell the roses, climb mountains, and be one with the Forest.

If you see a place close to you and want to experience Nature and Forest Therapy,

please contact us or sign up through our Events! 

April  ​

Washington, DC​ Earth Day Community Walk

Boston, MA Community Walk & Private Sessions


Ithaca, NY Community Walk

Rochester, NY Community Walk & Rochester School for the Deaf

Detroit, MI Community Forest Bathing Walk

Brooklyn MI Planning Retreat for Camp Belong 


Columbus, OH DWAVE Organization

Indianapolis, IN Community Walk 

Chicago, IL

Minneapolis, MN


Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

Snowmass, CO Aspen Camp Forest Family camp

Denver, CO

  • Co-hosting events w. Deaf Herbalist & Energy Worker

  • Deaf Forest Bathing Community Walk in Denver


Wyoming- Bridger National Forest

Portland, Oregon Community Walk

Seattle, Washington Community Walk


Sacramento, CA

Bay Area, CA


Los Angeles, CA

San Diego, CA

Riverside, CA


Prescott, AZ

Tuscon, AZ

Santa Fe, NM


Austin, TX

St. Augustine, FL

Upcoming Events

Working in partnership with Association of Nature and Forest Therapy to help connect you to the Forest.
This tour is sponsored partially by 
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